Missouri Literary Festival 2009

Written by Michele on October 5, 2009 – 2:13 am -

Today was an exciting day: I left the comfort and solitude of Amish country and went into the city for a fun time at the Missouri Literary Festival, in Springfield.

Yours Truly!

Missouri Literary Festival, Michele Tune

There were quite a few author’s booths (even though this was the last day of the festival) and look who I found right away….

A 13-year-old Author!

teen author, Springfield, MO


Hammons Field, Springfield, Missouri

Hammons FieldHammons Field 2

Hammons Field 3

Hammons Field 4

Hammons Field, Literary Festival

Look What I Found!!!

Missouri Literary Festival, Borders

Books, Books, Books!

Missouri Literary Festival photos


I met new people, passed out business cards, and had a fun time. It’s always nice to step away from the computer and interact with other writers in person. I know it’s something a lot of us simply detest (’cause we want to be at home, writing!) but it truly is an amazing experience and can bring so much inspiration – and new friends. Also, it was pretty chilly out there but it was a good day!

More of Yours Truly!

Missouri Literary Festival, Michele Tune, writer

Michele Tune, Missouri Literary Festival

Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing

I talked to several authors. The most of ’em are self-published. Their books seemed like they were written well, had nice cover designs, etc., and appeared very professional!

I also went and listened to an author (who just happens to be published by a traditional publisher) and their opinion was very low of self-published books. I actually thought this person was a poor speaker. It was really, really boring and nothing was learned! Nothing. Seriously. I always try to find the positive and share it, but this was not an uplifting, encouraging speaker who had instruction for the audience. I was disappointed. Thank goodness that speech was free – I’d have been upset if I would have had to pay for it! πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I feel like books can be self-published in a respectable, polished manner. Just because it’s self-published doesn’t mean it has to be bad. It doesn’t mean you can’t hire an editor, ya know? Do you disagree? Agree? What’s your opinion of self-published vs. traditional?

In case you’re just tuning in, all 3 parts of the interview are posted over at WRA (Rebecca Laffar-Smith picked my brain).

  1. On Social Networking Success
  2. On The Business of Blogging
  3. On Writing Habits and Courage

Also, my latest article is live at WRA: Writers Are Superheroes

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    13 Comments to “Missouri Literary Festival 2009”

    1. Mysti Says:

      I, too, believe that there is a right and wrong way to go about self-publishing. It isn’t the wrong option for everyone, especially if you factor in your audience.

      I’m opting not to self-publish, but not going with traditional publishing either. I’m bringing a new approach to a compilation of information and LOVE it!
      .-= Mysti´s last blog ..Fighting a Foul Mood =-.


      Michele T Reply:

      Absolutely! I think if you know your audience and, for example, have a solid following on Twitter, etc., you can definitely promote your own book successfully.

      I take it you’re talking about blogging??!!! Or E-books??? πŸ˜‰


      Mysti Reply:

      Or somewhere in the middle! πŸ˜€
      .-= Mysti´s last blog ..Fighting a Foul Mood =-.


      Michele T Reply:


    2. Lillie Ammann Says:


      Most of my editing clients self-publish. One just brought out his second book and is getting ready to go into a second printing on the first. I’ll put the quality of my client’s books up against the quality of any traditionally published book. We use great cover designers and an excellent printer, and, of course, we edit the books (probably much more editing than a traditional publisher does).
      .-= Lillie Ammann´s last blog ..Podcast at Bluestocking Guide =-.


      Michele T Reply:

      That’s what I’m thinking, Lillie. When there’s less people (and just the one book) involved on a project, it’s going to get more attention than a book that’s just one in a sea of others. Thank you for sharing your experience! πŸ˜€


    3. Jeanne Grunert Says:

      I’ve self published every single one of my books. In today’s publishing world, what do you honestly get with a traditional publisher? Aside from distribution channels – not much else. You’re even expected to do your own PR and marketing these days. If I have to do all the work, I’m going to get higher royalties! Doesn’t mean I rule out all traditional publishers, it just worked better for me on my little books.


      Michele T Reply:

      Exactly, Jeanne! The self-published authors I talked to are actually ending up with MORE profit than those who were published traditionally. AND, those who were traditionally published were STILL having to promote their own books. Common sense, eh? πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for sharing!!!


    4. Katherine Says:

      I love that you found the young writer! So good to see …
      .-= Katherine´s last blog ..How to Create Backlinks with Articles and Free Blogs =-.


      Michele T Reply:

      Thanks, Katherine – I love that I found him, too! πŸ˜€


    5. George Angus Says:


      How awesome! I love those pictures. Here in Alaska, it is always nice to get an idea of what the United States looks like! πŸ˜‰

      Mmmmm, just the sound of Literary Festival is appealing!



      Michele T Reply:

      Hi, George!

      Thanks! It was awesome. I’ve always been such a homebody, I’m trying to “get over it” and get out there – opportunities and fun times abound! πŸ˜€


    6. deborah wilson Says:


      Where ya at?????

      Stopping by to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…:)
      .-= deborah wilson´s last blog ..Merry Christmas =-.


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