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Written by Michele on November 25, 2012 – 10:21 pm -




Hi, y’all! How have you been?


Me? Oh, goodness… lots and lots of ups and downs in my life – everything from a marriage (What was I thinking?????!!!!) to an up-and-coming divorce to a ginormous move from Missouri to Texas to my new job at the Post Office (I am SO excited!)  to my very own home that I have been blessed with and am in the midst of remodeling to teaming up with the fantabulous Author Mysti Reutlinger to write a series of books and SO much more!


I have continued to blog off and on at Healing With Juices, including sharing a bit about my journey from Missouri to Texas.


Y’all, I am soooooooooooo glad to be blogging here again!!!


Let me tell you: I am beyond ecstatic that Writing the Cyber Highway is back up and running! If you’ve been missing me (maybe just *thismuch*? – ‘cause I certainly have missed you!!!!) it is because a while back, I accidentally deleted this blog. I was so afraid that it was forever gone – but thanks to Rebecca Laffar-Smith (Tech Support), this blog is alive and well. Phew!


I actually cried when I deleted this blog. I thought I was deleting something else (an old site I didn’t want anymore) but this was attached to it somehow and it just vanished. Sad smile


My heart has been broken because this was my first blog ever. I didn’t write a lot on here for the past few years – but it was always here waiting for me, just my cozy little corner of the web where I can plop down, kick off my shoes, and just pour out my heart.


Over the years, I have met some of the most amazing people via this very blog – including Rebecca!

Although I am a writer, I simply cannot even find the words to express how I feel about this pit stop along the cyber highway. I have shared my heart, my fears, my dreams, my goals, and so much more.


Over the years, the comments and emails you all have sent me have touched my heart SO deeply and always, always made me smile. It would never, ever fail… that just as I was ready to throw up my hands and call it quits and give up writing, I would come to my computer and sit down in tears and lo and behold, I would find an encouraging comment and/or email from one – or several – of you! It is my passion and love for writing and all of the love and encouragement that each of you have give me, that has truly kept me coming back to the drawing writing board every time.


A HUGE thank you to each and every one of you for being a part of this community over the years – and to (genius!) Rebecca for saving my sentimental home here on the web!!! I am forever grateful!!!


I highly recommend Rebecca’s services – I promise you won’t be disappointed!

You can contact Rebecca here with your Tech needs,  and see a few testimonials of her Tech Services here.


So… how have you all been? Are you still writing the cyber highway? Are you writing from another part of the world than when our paths last crossed? Come on, let’s talk!

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    7 Comments to “Writing the Texas Highway”

    1. Mary Says:

      So glad to see you are back and thank goodness Rebecca could help you get your blog back in place.

      I appreciate you dropping by and leaving a comment on my latest post.

      Mary´s last blog post ..Quite a Scare


      Michele T Reply:

      Thank you, Mary! Yes, with this being self-hosted WordPress, it is quite complicated on the tech side (for me, anyway! lol) and Rebecca is a life-saver for sure!

      You’re most welcome! I am just SO glad your husband and you are “okay” – phew!

      *hugs* <3


    2. Rebecca Laffar-Smith Says:

      It is such a pleasure to see the site back up and running, Michele. And to have you writing with us again. I am just so glad I was able to help make that happen.


      Michele Reply:

      Thank you, Rebecca! It feels SO good to be HOME! <3


    3. Jeanne Dininni Says:

      How wonderful to see you back at Writing the Cyber Highway again, Michele! I’ve always loved this blog! Things are pretty quiet at Writer’s Notes these days, since I’m focusing more on my freelance writing than on blogging, but I love the fact that you’ve decided to begin blogging here again! That’s good news! So glad Rebecca was able to use her technical skills to get you up and running again!


      Michele Reply:

      Hi, Jeanne!!

      It is SO wonderful to be writing the cyber highway again – I am overjoyed!!! I’m so happy, I’m beside myself!! lol 😉

      This blog has soooooooooo many happy memories for me.

      Yes, I am thrilled Rebecca is so tech smart – love her!!! <3

      I have been trying to look writing blogs up again. I'll hop over to yours because I know you've updated since I've visited (quite some time back).



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